California Domestic Violence Wireless Plans

What is AB 1407?

AB 1407 is a California law designed to help victims of domestic violence by allowing a court to transfer the billing responsibility and rights of a phone number to the victim. This ensures they can keep their phone number while staying safe.

Why is AB 1407 Important?

AB 1407 is crucial because it provides a lifeline to domestic violence victims. Keeping a consistent phone number allows them to stay connected with support networks, friends, and family, which is vital for their safety and well-being.

Who Can Benefit from AB 1407?

Victims of domestic violence seeking a restraining order can benefit from AB 1407. By transferring their phone number, they can maintain communication while escaping abusive situations.

Steps to Follow

Here’s how you can utilize AB 1407 to transfer your phone number and stay safe.

Getting a Court Order

The first step is to obtain a court order that directs your wireless provider to transfer the phone number to you. This involves presenting your case to a judge who understands your need for protection.


Serving the Court Order

Once you have the court order, you must serve it to your wireless provider. This is where you might need professional help to ensure it’s done correctly.

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Serving Verizon Wireless

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Fax: (888) 667-0026

Staying Connected

Staying connected during such difficult times is crucial. AB 1407 ensures that victims of domestic violence can keep their phone number, which is a small yet significant step towards regaining control and safety.

Ensuring Safety

By transferring the phone number, victims can avoid the risks associated with getting a new number, such as being contacted by the abuser. It also allows uninterrupted access to emergency services.

Common Challenges

Some common challenges include obtaining the court order, understanding the legal jargon, and properly serving the order to the wireless provider.

Solutions and Tips

Seek help from domestic violence advocates and legal professionals. They can guide you through the process. Hiring a professional process server can ensure that the order is served correctly.

Importance of Professional Help

Professional help is vital to navigate the complexities of legal procedures and ensure that all steps are followed correctly.

How a Process Server Can Help

A process server can assist in serving the court order to the wireless providers, ensuring that it is done accurately and promptly. This can relieve some of the stress during this difficult time.

Summarizing AB 1407

AB 1407 is an essential tool for victims of domestic violence, allowing them to maintain their phone number while escaping an abusive situation. By following the correct steps and seeking professional help, they can ensure their safety and stay connected with their support network.


FAQ 1: What is AB 1407?

AB 1407 is a California law that allows victims of domestic violence to transfer their phone number to themselves, ensuring they can stay connected while escaping an abusive situation.

FAQ 2: How do I get a court order?

To get a court order, you need to present your case to a judge who will determine if the transfer of your phone number is necessary for your safety.

FAQ 3: How do I serve a court order?

Serving a court order involves delivering it to the wireless provider. This can be done by hiring a professional process server.

FAQ 4: What if the provider is not listed?

If your provider is not listed, search the California Secretary of State’s website to find their agent for service of process.

FAQ 5: Why should I hire a process server?

Hiring a process server ensures that your court order is served correctly and promptly, reducing stress and ensuring that all legal procedures are followed.

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